21 Feb

Challenges of Life Insurance Marketing

I learnt how to type first on a Remingten typewriter typing away life insurance policy proposals and articles Aba wrote for the Insurance Journal. From issue dealing with trust to issues dealing with Fiqah and Islamic thought on life insurance, my early education on this subject was primarily on account of the work I did for my father. A few years later the Remington was replaced by a daisy wheel electric type writer and the life insurance proposals were replaced by union negotiations but my education through Aba’s articles and his work continued.

Two decades later I am now a qualified actuary who has worked in the appointed actuary role with three life insurance companies, two conventional, one Takaful and I have personally faced some of the challenges associated with that role that my father foresaw as early as in 1988. If it wasn’t for the work I did on a light blue typewriter as a fourteen year old, I possibly would never have picked up an interest in this field and travelled the eleven year path to become an actuary. As long as you are associated with the insurance industry either as a sales oriented professional, as a manager or as a regulator, the book has something to offer to you.

When Reboot finally came out in print, Aba started putting together all the work he had done over the last 45 years in the field of life insurance on his laptop and between Sama, Nadeem, Sana, Adnan, Fawzia and myself we had a cover, a profile photo and a blog up and running for the book. The book is expected to come out in print before the summer inshahallah and the blog has a complete sample chapter posted on it.


By Rizwan Ahmed Farid